Creating natural beauty

Creating natural beauty

Dutch freelance florist

My vision on floral design is to create beauty with respect for each other and the materials I'm working with. Together we are able to transform our dreams into reality.

Freelance floral designer


Events come in a wide range of variations, weddings, private parties or trade fairs.

Demo's & lessons

Sharing my knowledge in floristry has always been a part of my career.


With online inspiration and tutorials we are able to reach so many more people around the world.

Freelance floral designer


Creating the right image for sales, publication or other marketing purposes

Green & Garden Design

Discovering together with a client what their wishes, needs and dreams are in a garden design.

Shop support

A shop make over or shop support during busy periods.

Floral Design

Floral design comes in many shapes and forms.


I create tailor made decorations that add an extra natural touch to your home or work-area.

Fresh flower bag

A new innovative product that can help the florist enormously in their daily work.

So the love for my profession hasn´t faded but actually widened and deepened into a type of work that is now so much more than just floristry.